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Key chain


    • Individually printable
    • Available in 3 forms
    • Vegan Skai® synthetic leather

12,95 EURi

Product details

You want to personalize a key chain for yourself or your favourite person? Then you have come to the right place. With DeinDesign you can create your very own unique piece with photos and overlays or simply choose one of our countless designs, from animal print to minimal art. The key chain is available in a round, square or heart-shaped form. It is made of vegan Skai® synthetic leather and can be attached to a snap hook. All materials used are TÜV-approved.

Key chain heart-shaped

Special features 

  • Personalized key chain
  • One side printable
  • 100 % vegan Skai® synthetic leather
  • 3 forms: round, square, heart-shaped
  • Metal-reinforced punching for snap hook

Print technology

One side of the key chain is just waiting for your individual design whilst the other is embellished with the DeinDesign logo. All our prints are done on demand in Bad Kreuznach using a solid direct printing process. That means you order, and we get started – with nerd-like precision, to ensure that you receive a perfect product. Get your unique key chain now!

Key chain heart-shaped
Key chain heart-shaped

Made with ❤ in Bad Kreuznach

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